Search engine optimization (SEO) is the future of internet marketing.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the future of internet marketing. SEO encloses the techniques of making website or pages rank higher on the natural or organic results of search engines.

As a universal rule, the higher a web page or website is ranked, the more commonly it will appear for specific keywords, implying more visitors.

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            Why does your website need SEO
            Why does your website need SEO

Why does your website need SEO

WEB COMPANIES - is a full-service digital agency which offers internet marketing services and has a vast experience in this area, as well as numerous awards and appraisals. We are specialized in web and graphic design, branding, SMM and SEM, including organic SEO services as suggested by Google, as well as other internet marketing services.

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SEO definition and goal

A professional web design is not all it takes for a website to get lots of traffic; what is important, however, is for your website to show up among the top results in the SERP (search engine results page) when search for a keyword. This is exactly what optimization is about: attracting targeted visitors from the search engine to browse your website and, eventually, purchase your services/products.

Did you know...?

- 70% of users who search for a term open only the first three results?

- 90% of users who search for something do not click on the second page of Google’s SERP?

SEO definition and goal

Why is SEO so important?

No matter if your website just gives information or offers services or products to sell, the majority of its visitors will come to it via search engines. Only a small number of people who know or have heard of your company reach it via a direct link or domain name.

If your website is optimized, its traffic can improve significantly, which can lead to a higher number of calls and queries, but also to an increased interest in your services and products. The investment you dedicate to SEO can return even multiplied, with increased profits based on higher positions in the SERP.

We now live in a time when the Internet is taking the biggest marketing piece, thus becoming the most dominant promotion and advertisement medium. When compared to conventional advertising, the Internet, in fact, offers more options for reaching your potential shoppers. Google search gives you a chance to be seen, so to hold a strong position, you need to use recommended techniques which can contribute to getting the best results.

Optimized websites get more than 80% of visits from search engines. Internet traffic largely depends on the search results in the biggest commercial search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

If your site does not appear in the mentioned search engines when key words are entered in the search box, you can lose an enormous number of visitors and, therefore, potential customers or end users. 

If you want to give your business a boost, SEO optimization for Google is something you must not avoid.

SEO important

Advantages of website optimization for Google

There are a lot more search engines on the Internet than you would have thought, and their usage mainly depends on geographic location. For example, Yandex is very popular in Russia (more popular than Google), whereas in China Baidu is the most used search engine. According to a Q4 2016 research by Statista, these are the four biggest search engines:

Web Companies

Since Google is the most widely used search engine, good reasoning says that when one optimizes a website, one should optimize it according to the big G’s recommendations.

Why optimizing your website for Google search is good:


  • ROI
    Higher ROI - When compared to other types of marketing, Search Engine Optimization has the highest ROI (Return on Investment). In other words, a website optimized according to Google’s standards has a tendency to rank higher in the SERP, which can bring your business more money than you have originally invested.
  • Better UX
    Better UX – Quality content and improved user experience (UX) have become one of the most important ranking factors. An optimized website can do a lot more when it is focused on UX, when products and services are presented in the best way possible, but it can also convince the visitors to contact you.
  • more visits
    More visits – Websites positioned in the highest positions of the SERP usually get the most traffic. Website authority largely depends on the number of users who visit it and the number of pages they browse, which further influences the website’s ranking directly. The higher the position, the more chances your business is offered.
  • viisibility
    Better visibility and sales – Thanks to high positions in the SERP, which result from implementing and meeting numerous SEO rules and recommendations, your website can become more visible to the end-users. If the website presents products and services in the right way, better visibility can lead to more visits, which directly means more sales.